3 Reasons Why You Should Book A Senior Guy Session

Are you a high school senior guy wondering if you should book a senior session? Maybe you’re thinking it’s a girl thing or “great” my mom is making me book a photo shoot, this should be fun(insert eye roll). Well we are here to tell you just that none of that is true! There’s a stigma around high school senior sessions only being for the girls or that you’ll be bored and have to do all of these boring “poses”. That’s why we created this post. We wanted to give a quick little insight on what its like to book a senior guy session with us. So open up your mind and keep reading below for 3 reasons why you SHOULD book a senior guy session.

1. True to YOU Style

Whether you’re into golf, football, baseball, cars, etc. We are here to portray just that. We LOVE having seniors bring along something that is unique and genuine to what makes you well you(even if that means your 4 legged BFF)!

2. Natural and Relaxed Posing

This experience should be fun and most definitely not a drag. One way to achieve that is to loosen up and go with the flow. We’ll help you out here and there keep things light hearted so you don’t even feel like you are at a photo shoot!

3. Make Mama Happy!

Who doesn’t love to make their mama happy?!? This small gesture can make their whole day and for the woman in your life who does SO much.

Click HERE to view past senior guy sessions OR if you’re ready to book click HERE!

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