Seniorologie People’s Choice Award Winner {Palm Beach Senior Photographer}

Wow! It is such an incredible honor to have received the Parent’s Choice Award in the Backlighting category in the Seniorologie People’s Choice Awards! I have been a backlight lover ever since I began my journey in the photography world almost 6 years ago. I actually remember when I first started discovering my shooting “style” and love for backlight I was nervous about how clients would respond, but my nerves were soon eased when I began getting calls specifically for “how I use the light from the back”. So to be recognized in this category truly means so much to me!
Thank you Seniorologie for this great honor, thank you to the Parent’s for choosing my image, and last but not least, thank you to my beautiful High School Senior, Ravali, who came all the way to Los Angeles from Kansas City to have her senior portraits taken with me!!
Click HERE to see Ravali’s entire senior session.
Click HERE to see the full list of winners.


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