Clara Bella Models {Class of 2018} Signature Boho Theme!

Class of 2018 Clara Bella Models Presents.. The Clara Bella Signature Boho!

After a fabulous day of hair and make up and shooting our first two themes Laundromat and Breakfast at Tiffany’s which we featured in our previous blog posts, we ended our 2018 Clara Bella Model shoot with our signature dreamy and timeless boho look!  Of course the girls’ classic beauty just radiated during this portion of the shoot and we captured stunning images of them together and individually!  What an amazing ending to the day!  It was an experience none of us will forgot!  Cheers to our Class of 2018 Clara Bella Models!  Looking forward to an amazing year ahead with you girls!!

To Meet the Models click HERE
To view the Class of ’18 Laundromat shoot click HERE
To view the Class of ’18 Breakfast at Tiffany’s shoot click HERE

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