Clara Bella Models {Class of 2016} Dallas Senior Photographer

We are SO excited to finally introduce our Class of ’16 Clara Bella Models! These girls hail from all across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and we are so honored to have each one of them on the team! This year we decided that while ALL of our girls are absolutely beautiful, we really wanted to focus on the beauty that shines from within. Each one of these girls truly has hearts of gold, and dedicates their time to activities both in and out of school ranging from sports and dance to Key Club, NHS, NCL and even participating in their own ‘Operation Beautiful’ campaigns that focuses on REAL beauty. Throughout the years that we have been doing this program it has become more and more relevant that young women want to be known for more than just a pretty face, they want to be known for their inner beauty which is what truly makes each of them unique and beautiful. Therefore, we have decided that our models would be more appropriately known as Clara Bella (ROLE) Models. Not only are they beautiful, but they are kind, motivated, educated, uplifting and just all around GO-GETTERS! 🙂

This year we had a record high amount of applicants, which resulted in SEVENTEEN Class of ’16 Clara Bella Models! During the application process we always ask the girls WHY they have chosen to apply to be a Clara Bella Model. Here is an example that we felt captured the essence of the program from one of our girls on what being a Clara Bella Model would mean to her:
“I want to be a Clara Bella Senior Model Representative because I want to show high school girls that all their insecurities do not need to take away their ultimate beauty, which shows through their personality and their kindness to others. I believe that your photos capture true beauty and help girls realize that they are incredibly beautiful no matter their skin tone, eye color, or dress size. I consider helping girls realize their beauty a priceless experience, so I want to help your company achieve that goal by posting the photos that make me feel beautiful. Being a senior is such a bittersweet experience and I would absolutely love to spend some of my senior year getting to know your staff and other girls who want to capture their personality and beauty in the one of a kind photos that you take.”

Clara Bella Models: Who are they and what do they stand for?
– Encouraging young women to embrace inner beauty
– Encouraging academic excellence
– Encouraging volunteerism in your community
– Encouraging a healthy mind + body
– Encouraging a drug-free life
– Encouraging healthy and happy relationships
– Encouraging you CAN sit with us

In addition to our model shoot, we have so many fun activities planned this year including our first semi-annual “Clara Bella Cares” event where we will volunteer our time as a team to help a local charity. If you know of one, or would like to suggest your own, please leave a comment below!

We also have another BIG announcement coming your way soon.. so stay tuned you won’t want to miss it!

Without further adieu.. INTRODUCING OUR CLASS OF ’16 CLARA BELLA SENIOR MODEL TEAM!  Congrats to Cambley for landing the cover photo! We felt the combination of backlight, lace and ‘infamous’ halo crown just scream “Clara Bella”! 😉

Photographers: Claire Anderson & Morgan Blackburn
Assistants: Alisa Albers, Heather Buckley, Sarah Winsted
Hair & Makeup: Elan Makeup Studio
Location: White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX

For information on booking your Clara Bella Senior Experience please fill out the form on the contact page or send an email to Dates are going fast!

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